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Expertise in sound and silence


Expertise in sound and silence



These concerns insulating building against internal or external noises, or improving the sound in rooms so that activities can take place in an appropriate environment: office acoustics is a key contributor to work performance and well-being of employees, children will learn more quickly in a class where noise is controlled, you will listen to music as a unique experience in a home studio …

Our aim is to help define the problems and explain the steps that can be taken to fix or at least minimize them. We can make the acoustic assessment only, or accompany you through the all process.

We give advice and guidance to architects, local authorities, office managers or to anyone at home.


“Because of family constraint, I wanted to play with by different bands (rock) at home in my living room. The sound was horrible, too much reverbs. I wanted some acoustic treatment while keeping the room nice and cozy, a place to live in with my family. Key Org Acoustics placed panels on the ceiling and in the corners…Well designed, cozy, the sound is much clearer and more precise even at high volume…and the neighbors are happy now.”


Michel Petteau
Directeur Arts Appliqués
Responsable de la Communication

“Dear Miss Dethier, I wanted to thank you and your husband for the acoustic correction that you have implemented in the room dedicated to music. The result is top. Trebles, basses and spatial spectrum are perfect now. I had to move my seat and my speakers as you recommended; I found the right place and it sounds great. I give you a 10/10 rate. I will recommend you without doubt.”

P. Amaral De Sousa
Gedinne (BE)

“During the last phase of the building project, a comment from Nathalie drawn my attention: in a restaurant, acoustics must ensure that you would not be annoyed or tired by din while background noise must be sufficient to allow privacy of conversation. So true!
Her contribution was straightforward, simple but efficient : she guided us to an inexpensive and clever solution, fully integrated in the design of our place.
I sincerely believe it helped us to win customers loyalty: people feel confortable in our restaurant, a great thing to enjoy a good meal!”

Julien Lahire
Restaurant Fario, Libramont (BE)



EGD, Flexible Solutions: (Arnaud de Graillet, Belgium). When we need a technical & innovative vision, when a complex technical study is needed. EGD makes possible the communication between devices (Domotica, networks, bridges between different protocols). The main complex realisations that we did were made thanks to this partner. EGD is also our acoustic implementation privileged partner.

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